Star Trek: “The Savage Curtain”

Air Date: 03.07.1969
Stardate: 5906.4

Two historical figures and also Lincoln and Surak are there.


A bit of an pointless episode and poorly conceived, but you have to admit that it is a bit of looney fun to watch Kirk and Spock run around with Abraham Lincoln.

“The Savage Curtain” isn’t as deep as it deserves to be and treads a lot of well trodden ground, but there is some niceties to be found and, strangely enough, it does contain the best Uhura scene of the entire series… a short exchange of shocking grace and frankness.


Interesting Fact: This was Nichelle Nichols last appearance in the series.

“But why should I object to that term, sir? In our century, we’ve learned not to fear words.”
– Uhura when called a “charming negress”

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