Star Trek: “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”

Air Date: 11.08.1968
Stardate: 5476.3


Shouldn’t this episode be called “Since the World is Hollow, I Must Have Touched the Ground?”

Again, with this episode, the ideas are sound but the execution is woefully inadequate and misses all the marks. For a show about a society where thought and speech is censored, it’s awfully bland… almost as bland as the romance between Bones and Natira.

The whole thing about McCoy suddenly developing a fatal disease only to have it cured by a coincidence is stretching the boundaries of contrivance.

Good ideas, stinky execution. Typical third season fare.


Interesting Fact: To give more depth to the planet set, the entrances to the underground civilization were built in two sizes; those seen in the distance are much smaller replicas to give viewers an illusion of distance.

“Is not that the nature of men and women… that the pleasure is in the learning of each other?”
– Natira

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