Star Trek: “The Paradise Syndrome”

Air Date: 10.04.1968
Stardate: 4842.6


I remember the thing about this episode that irked me the most is that the subplot of Kirk and Miramanee falling in love and getting married and expecting a kid was a completely and totally worthless story. It was a classic “woman in a fridge” story where a woman soley exists to die to somehow add tragedy to a story. The deadbed scene at the end is melodramatic to the point of lunacy.

The other subplot of Spock failing to destroy the asteroid isn’t that wonderful either although I have to say that the episode taking place over a period of months is interesting.

It’s not to say that this is a bad episode, but given the subject matter and time frame, it should have been better.


Interesting Fact: Fans speculate that The Preservers are the same aliens that Picard and his crew encountered at the end of “The Chase” who seeded the galaxy with DNA that gave rise to the humanoids.

“The sooner our happiness together begins, the longer it will last.”
– Miramanee

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