Star Trek: “And the Children Shall Lead”

Air Date: 10.11.1968
Stardate: 5029.5

Holy crapcakes, this episode is not only terrible, but it’s probably one of the more annoying Star Trek episodes ever shat out onto the screen.

“And the Children Shall Lead” is a bland, repetitive, and boring hour of television with the magical fist pumping of the children that looks dumber and dumber every time they use it to a ridiculous and uninteresting bad guy.

Oooo, look out! It’s a fat pedophile in a mumu!

“Spock’s Brain” might have been garbage, but at least it was laughable garbage.  This episode is just horrible all around and a chore to watch.


Interesting Fact: Leonard Nimoy, who was becoming extremely frustrated with the direction of the show at this point, explained that when he complained about the script to producer Fred Freiberger, Freiberger said, “This script is going to be what ‘Miri’ should have been.” Nimoy objected, calling “Miri” a beautiful, well-acted story, and felt that Freiberger’s comments were as much as saying, “‘Miri’ was a piece of trash.”

“Parents like stupid things.”
– Don

Donner bestows a turd on Star Trek’s, “And the Children Shall Lead.”

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