Star Trek: “The Changeling”


While not a series classic or one of my favorite episodes, there is plenty about this episode to be lauded. First, the look of Nomad itself is one of the few times that an intelligent non-humanoid alien is featured on the show and appears more alien than any man in a lizard suit or guy with pointed ears. The mind meld with Spock (while it makes no sense) is nicely played out and having Kirk be mistaken for the probe’s creator is a nice touch.

The thing is, there is so much about this episode that is just plain silly. Let me get this straight… Uhura has her mind erased and is able to relearn everything in a week? Spock mind-melds with a computer? Kirk once again talks a computer to death?



Interesting Fact: The Malurian civilization destroyed by Nomad may be the same Malurian civilization that was secretly mining an underdeveloped planet in “Civilization”, a first season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise.

“Man is not just a biological unit that you can patch together.”
– Kirk

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  • Vincent J.

    Am I the first to notice that this episode was reworked and turned into the first Star Trek movie?