Star Trek: “Tomorrow is Yesterday”


I’ve often believed that the best drama is the drama when there is no enemy and no villain, but two good people who believe in different causes. You can’t really root for one or the other and the conflict without, causes conflict within. Such is the case of the USS Enterprise vs. Captain Christopher. Enterprise needs to protect the past while Christopher just wants to go home. There’s no bad guys, just a situation where good people have to loose.

This episode is also loads of fun, watching the Enteprise crew deal with situations they’re not used to, poking fun at 60’s society, and dealing with a femininized computer system. The humor and drama are perfectly balanced delivering a very nice time travel romp.


Interesting Fact: At this point in the series, the Federation hadn’t been thought of yet. Kirk says he works for the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA pronounced “You-Spa”). Later writings indicate that UESPA was an old branch of the Starfleet military and was in its final days in the first season of Star Trek. It was then absorbed into Starfleet.

“Too bad, Captain. Maybe I can’t go home, but neither can you. You’re as much a prisoner in time as I am.”
– Captain Christopher

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