Star Trek: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”


Although it was the third episode aired, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” is actually the second pilot episode and it’s fairly obvious when you look at it. Costumes are different, a new crewmember is Kirk’s long time best friend, McCoy is missing, and the opening titles are without the famous “Space. The final frontier…” narration.

If there is a theme to this episode, I suppose it would be that power corrupts. If the power truly corrupted Mitchell or if he was possessed by something else is open to debate but this episode is charged with great performances and a very intense creep factor including the wicked silver eyes.

It might not be as “cerebral” as “The Cage” as the episode devolves into a rather boring fistfight which is a disappointment as the episode was awash in ideas and not straight violence up until then, but it’s a great opener with some fabulous guest stars.


Interesting Fact: According to The Shat’s book, Star Trek Memories, Gary Lockwood spit his pants while performing one of his own stunts and, given that he apparently didn’t wear underwear, ended up flashing Sally Kellerman. Shat says that Lockwood said, “Smile, you’ve just gotten your picture taken!” to which Kellerman replied, “What, with that little cookie?”

“You should have killed me while you could, James… command and compassion are a fool’s mixture.”
– Gary Mitchell

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