Captain America: The Winter Soldier


1_e9651016566bfb8aa8363789ad3f0e45_650xCaptain America is back and better than ever in his first solo adventure in the 21st century as he must protect the world and S.H.E.I.L.D. from an insidious enemy from within.

This movie is amazing and I loved every minute of it. I’ve often had the complaint that superhero movies don’t balance the life of the hero and the man (or woman) very well. Usually, a movie will focus too much on Peter Parker or Hal Jordan and their obnoxious bullshit and not enough on being super. A few movies get it right, but not many. Captain America: The Winter Soldier gets it right and gets it right in the rightest way possible.

It could just be that there isn’t a distinguishing line between Steve Rogers and Captain America – they are one in the same, but it’s also the finely crafted story that is both intelligent and timely.

Captain America has to deal with themes brought about by post 9/11 paranoia and those who take advantage of it to rise to power. This is some timely stuff here and it’s presented perfectly in the context by uncorrupted eyes.

On top of all of that, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just a fine piece of action filmmaking with lots of stunts, lots of explosions, and lots of personal stake for all of the characters.

Unlike that last Spider-Man movie or Green Lantern or the lesser superhero movies, the audience is never bored and can never quite predict where the story is going. This is a clever little film.

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