Amazing Body Transformation

Kevin Creekman went through two surgeries and a complete overhaul of lifestyle on his way to his new fit body. Since he was so overwieight before, he had some scars left from his excess skin and decided that the best way to deal with that would be to cover them in tattoos.

Television Reviews

Rick and Morty: “The Rickshank Rickdemption”

Without spoiling anything, I have high — hell, lets just call them insurmountable — hopes for the 3rd season of Rick and Morty and the surprise taste that we got on April Fools Day has only made me want more. Is this what it’s like to be under the effect of Rick Potion Number Nine? I want more Rick and Morty! Tell me where it is!

Movie Reviews

Ghost in the Shell

I’m not an idiot, I knew from the start that there would be changes between the anime and this movie, but what I don’t understand is why Hollywood will remake something without improving it in some way. Sure, you can argue that they were bringing Ghost in the Shell to a larger audience that perhaps haven’t heard of it before, but this version is so underwhelming, you almost have to ask why they even bothered with that.