2017 Gaming Trends All Gamers Should Know About


2017 Gaming Trends All Gamers Should Know About

2017 has been a huge year for gaming with so many changes coming to fruition that gamers and other industry bigtime players, such as Bobby Kotick, have been wanting to see for years. If you are a gamer, it is important to keep up with what is happening, so that you are able to adjust and adapt as this industry continues to evolve. This year has certainly been exciting for avid gamers and the trends that happened in 2017 are expected to continue in 2018.

Increased Inclusivity and Diversity

For the longest time, gaming was considered to be a “boy’s world,” but this is rapidly changing thanks to the big names in the gaming industry, such as Bobby Kotick, working hard to change gaming culture. The need for greater diversity in modern gaming is looking at accepting all gaming audiences and working to create a culture of suicide prevention. Gaming brings people together and the industry wants to make it clear that all people are welcome into this world.

Blending Multiplayer and Single Player Worlds

In 2017, gamers saw numerous games give them the option of either playing alone or as a team with multiple players. This allows games to be more fluid and expansive, allowing players to better engage in the virtual worlds that they are playing in. Players are able to seamlessly shift from one to the other, as well, allowing for gamers to easily choose what they prefer every time they sit down to play.

The Expansion and Evolution of Virtual Reality

Gamers saw a major explosion of virtual reality games in 2016 and by the end of that year, there were promises of this being expanded upon in 2017. In January of 2017, gamers got to get their hands on Resident Evil 7 which was anticipated to be the first of the real tentpole titles for this genre of gaming and this came to fruition.

Game developers and designers have also found ways to bring the virtual reality of video games into other industries to be useful. For example, it has been used and considered for a number of non-consumer spaces, such as training, medicine, real estate and engineering as a way to develop simulation-type education.

So, virtual reality certainly evolved from what it was in 2016, but it is still a major element in the world of gaming in 2017. Designers are developers are sure to continue to find new ways to utilize it in the upcoming year for both the consumer gaming community and other industries.

More Options for Mobile Gaming

While the PC remains the top choice, mobile platforms are rapidly becoming popular among gamers. They are portable, and they make it easier to essentially play wherever you are. 2017 saw a number of blockbuster titles, such as Mobile Strike, Clash Royale and Dawn of War. Of course, all gamers are also familiar with the wild success of Super Mario Run, Pokemon Go and similar titles.

These are games that players can play on their phones and the reimagining of these games for this platform has been very successful. It is anticipated that this is a trend that is going to continue for years to come since it offers such a high level of convenience for gamers.

What Games Are Playing

Social games took off quickly in 2017, but PC gaming remains the most popular options with an estimated 56 percent of gamers opting for this type of device. The dedicated game console was close behind and the smartphone was in third place.

There are many reasons why gamers tend to prefer PC over other types of gaming platforms. First, it is easier for them to upgrade computer components whenever they need to in order to get the most out of their games. In most consoles, for example, you are essentially stuck with the hardware that it comes with. With a PC, you can upgrade everything from the hard drive to the sound and graphics cards to stay current with the requirements of the latest video games to hit the market.

Other common reasons to choose the PC platform include it being cheaper and because it is easier to take part in multiplayer online games. This allows for socialization while playing and players are able to interact with people from all over the world.

Now that you are aware of these trends, you can determine how it might impact your gaming now and in the future. With some of the major changes in platform and the inclusivity, gaming is sure to follow these evolutions in the new year. This is an exciting time because with these changes come more minds that have the potential to create something even greater for gamers to enjoy. It will surely be fun seeing what comes down the pike for both the gaming companies and the consumers who are always looking forward to something fresh and new.


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