May 2014


This is NOT a Bathroom

Whether you are from America, India, Africa or places beyond and between, the specter of public urination and defecation is a very real and gross one. Some people just think they can whip it out and give a golden shower on the doorstep or fence of anyone they please! These business owners, however, have had enough and are making a plea to the community: Please stop tinkling here!


Sad Batman

The first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman finally hit the intertubes and, of course, the intertubes made a meme out of it. Check it out and tell us why you think Batman is so sad?


Trees Eating a World War II Battlefield

Decades ago, a battle was fought in Neva Bridgehead (or Nevsky Pyatachok) area in Russia between German and Russian soldiers. Today, the battlefield – untouched for years – has become a morbid and strangely beautiful testament to the power of nature to reclaim what man temporarily destroys.