December 2013

Awesome Mysteries

The Bloop

It’s hard to believe that one of the greatest modern mysteries on Earth is called “The Bloop,” but it’s apparently a very appropriate name for this once-observed, but never explained phenomenon.


Casket at the Soccer Game

Colombia resident Christopher Jacome was murdered in 2012, so his pals did the only sensible and respectful thing they could think of. They picked up the mortal remains of Christopher in his coffin and took them to a soccer game General at Santander Stadium in the city of Cucuta.



Keratoconus is an eye disease marked by a deformation of the cornea into a cone shape causing a loss of vision. Bill Cosby recently revealed that he is suffering from this condition which probably makes his pastime of date-raping a lot more difficult.


Creatures of the Deep

It was recently estimated that we have only discovered one fifth of all the animal species on the planet and, with a largely unexplored ocean surrounding all of us, it’s not hard to guess where most of them are hiding. Seriously, look at these freaks.